Benefits of Spiders In the Garden

Arachnophobes everywhere may cringe at their sight, but these eight legged creatures of the garden protect and defend twenty four hours a day, seven days a week! Mites, thrips, slugs and other pesky bugs, are no match for the spider thugs. Joking aside, garden spiders are peaceful dwellers that naturally reduce the proliferation of damaging pests and diseases. Instead of squishing these specialized hunters, gardeners should encourage their growth and existence in the garden. Put your fears aside, discover the benefits of spiders, and then learn how to encourage them to visit your garden crops!

Getting Rid of Powdery Mildew

A cloudy afternoon is always a welcomed event during the heat of summer, but when dealt an extended stay of steady cloud cover, garden problems can begin to arise. Besides the lack of direct sunlight, the cooler and humid environment brought forth with cloud cover provides a catalyst for the growth of pesky Powdery Mildew. This parasitic family of fungi is known to attack a variety of garden plants including, but not limited to, squashes, tomatoes, onions, grapes, berries, shrubs and some fruit trees. At first, powdery mildew may only show up as a few fuzzy white splotches on lower foliage, but it can quickly manifest into a much larger problem. Luckily, getting rid of powdery mildew organically is quite easy. Keep reading to find out how!

Growing Lemon Balm in Pots

Although it's a member of the mint family, lemon balm is uniquely different! As the name suggests, this common garden herb doesn't taste like your average mint. It instead possesses an aroma and flavor of lemons! This extraordinary flavor profile makes lemon balm a perfect candidate for making refreshing teas, or for the flavoring of chicken and fish dishes. Its uses are seemingly endless, but unfortunately you won't find this herb in the supermarket. So, how do you get a hold of fresh lemon balm? Well, you have to grow it yourself! Luckily, it's quite an easy herb to grow, and will do well in a variety of situations. With the container gardener in mind, this guide will focus on growing lemon balm in pots!

How to Grow Beets in Containers

Are you searching for a quick and easy to grow spring or autumn crop? Well then, consider beets to be your best friend! These unique ground crops not only produce tasty roots, but also a plethora of nutritious greens. The best part about beets though, is their ability to be grown densely in small spaces! This makes them highly attractive for container gardeners looking to make the most out of their season. Thriving in the cool weather of spring, beets will be harvested in time to replant your containers with summer crops! Increase the efficiency of your patio garden by learning how to grow beets in containers.