Insects of the Garden

A little over a couple of weeks ago, I posted some photos of an unknown bug that was spotted in the garden. Since that time, I was able to identify this crawling creature as a Katydid, or bush cricket in common terms. Having sparked my interest, I was curious to see how many insects I could photograph in one sitting. Here's the results:

Garden Update #12

It's amazing how fast time slips by! Realizing that I haven't posted anything for two weeks now, I figured it was time to catch you up. There's been quite a few changes to the garden, so be sure to have a look!

An Unknown Bug

I really didn't plan on publishing three entries today, but the garden had a visitor that was just too cool not to share! I was able to get a great photo shoot with this little guy, but I have no clue as to what it is. If you're familiar with these insects, please tune me in!

Garden Update #11

In the time since the last garden update, there's been a few changes to the landscape! I've harvested all the radishes, the peas have started growing pods, and the pepper crop has been planted. It's getting pretty exciting and quite green around the patio! Have a look:

How to Make Bone Meal Fertilizer

Give your container garden a nutrient boost with leftovers from your kitchen! It's not turning vegetable scraps into compost, it's about turning bones into blooms. Everyday, valuable pork, chicken, beef, and fish bones are thrown into garbage bins bound for the local landfill. What a waste! As it turns out, bones are a great fertilizer for not only vegetables, but also lawns and flower gardens. Meat eaters, don't throw out another bone! Instead, put it to good use by learning how to make bone meal fertilizer.