Garden Update #11

In the time since the last garden update, there's been a few changes to the landscape! I've harvested all the radishes, the peas have started growing pods, and the pepper crop has been planted. It's getting pretty exciting and quite green around the patio! Have a look:


Cat checking out the last of the radish greens. The final
harvest of radishes was pulled on 6/2. That's roughly 30
days after they were planted. Below is the last two crops.
Click on them to see a larger view!

Planter box #2 cleared of radishes. To accomodate the peppers, cow manure and bone meal was tilled into the soil.
 Below are the peppers that I'm growing! The far left picture is of the two O'Dham Indian Heirloom Piquin pepper plants. The middle is of two Fatalii chili peppers. On the right is the only pepper plant that I didn't grow from seed. This nursery bought pepper plant is a Purple Beauty Sweet Bell. 

Having never grown peas before, this pod is my first ever! The good thing is, there's many more coming. Below you can see a couple more pea flowers opening up. 

Garden snapshot from 6/4. 
Observed Weather - (May 28 - June 5)
  • Average High - 72.4°F
  • Average Low -  47.1°F
* I did want to mention a little about the weather this week before ending the update. Though the average temperature seems like a mild week, it was actually quite drastic. The high on June third reached 90°F before dropping to a high of 57°F just two days later on the fifth. That's Colorado for you!