Garden Update #2

This is the snowy scenery gracing the
Patio of Pots Garden 4/16/13. 
As it turns out, snow seems to be the norm this April. There have been times where spring has shown through, but I'd say that the groundhog was way off this year. With close to a half a foot of snow less than a week ago, and now a foot of fresh powder, it's really been a slow start for the Patio of Pots garden. Though most everything remains indoors, there's still quite a bit going on among the all the wintry madness. Here's a look at what's growing:
  • Garlic - Planted in a bunch of my planters this year. The earliest of my garlic was planted at the end of March, and as you can see below, has started to grow in quite nicely despite some frosty nights. 
  • Latham Raspberries - Yes, at the beginning of each season I get the itch and just have to buy something with leaves on it. This year it was a Latham Red Raspberry bush. Though not typically seen as a container raspberry variety, I'm going to experiment growing in a four gallon pot to see how well this two year old cane can produce. Don't worry, I'll be covering more on this bush soon!
  • Bull's Blood Beets - The seedlings are just starting to break ground. Indoors for now, they will be ready to set outside hopefully by the end of the week. 
  • Carrots - Planted with the beets, the carrots will be set outdoors very soon. 
  • Alaska Early Shelling Peas - If I would have known that these seeds would have to endure the cold and snow that they have, I would have held off planting until late April. Instead they were planted on the third and have yet to sprout. Curious to see how they were doing, I gently dug down to find a bright green pea with a small root. When the weather finally warms, I will be curious as to how many of the twenty three planted peas will germinate. 
  • On Deck - Zapotec Ribbed Heirloom Tomatoes, Fatalii Chili Peppers, O'dham Indian Heirloom Chili Peppers, and Peter Peppers are all currently sprouted and around two weeks old.  

 Left - Garlic sprouts, with some nearing a couple inches tall.

Below - Latham Red Raspberry bush. Growing nicely.

Right - Bull's Blood Beet seedlings. Just starting to break the surface.