Patio of Pots Update #5

With nothing but sixty and seventy degree weather on the ten day outlook, I think it's safe to say that spring has arrived! It couldn't have arrived any sooner too, because the recent two plus feet of total snow was beginning to really bum me out. Warmer weather is an indicator of more work though, and that's exactly what this week had in store for me. Have a look at the newest pallet planter and the Patio of Pots finalized garden plans below:
Patio is starting to come together. A stand was built for
the newest of the pallet planters.

Observed Weather - (April 19-25)
  • Average High - 51.6°F
  • Average Low - 27.6°F
Patio of Pots Finalized Garden Plans - 
Of course, there are always slight changes and additions throughout the season, but here's the lineup for this year's garden:

Pallet Planter #1 -  
  • Dimensions: 34" Long x 8" Wide x 7" Deep
  • Spring Planting: Bull's Blood beets and kaleidoscope mix of carrots.
  • Summer/Autumn Planting: Three heads of heirloom cabbage.
Pallet Planter #2 - 
The beets are just now setting their first set of true leaves.
They'll be growing pretty quick now. 
  • Dimensions: 52" Long x 7.5" Wide x 8.5" Deep
  • Spring Planting: French Breakfast radishes.
  • Summer/Autumn Planting: Bush beans. I was planning on Dragon's Tongue heirloom beans, but I may not have enough seed, so the variety may change. 
Pallet Planter #3 - 
  • Dimensions: 27" Long x 11" Wide x 11.5" Deep
  • Spring Planting: Alaskan Early shelling peas. 
  • Summer/Autumn Planting: Mouse melons. (aka Mexican Sour Gherkins)
Terra Cotta #1 - 
The garlic is looking strong and healthy. Some growth
is already over six inches tall. 
  • Size - Three Gallons
  • Spring/Summer Planting: Garlic.
  • Autumn - Depending on when the garlic finishes, I may have enough time to do some spinach or other leafy greens.
Plastic Container #1 - 
  • Size - Four Gallons
  • Spring/Summer Planting - Though a Latham Red raspberry bush currently is growing in the container, it will soon be giving away. The planter will make way for various herbs.
Still to Come - 
  • Zapotec Ribbed Heirloom Tomatoes - These tomato plants are currently growing inside, but will be ready within the next few weeks to be transplanted outdoors. Though it is certain that another container or two will be needed, I've yet to decide whether to build or buy.
  • Various Chili Plants - Since I'm not after collecting seed this year, I've decided to grow several different chili plants this year. Peter peppers, Fatalii chillies, and O'dham Indian Heirloom chillies will all be grown in one container still to be built. The planter will much likely be very close in design to pallet planter #1. 
Planted back at the beginning of April, the
Alaskan Early peas are sprouting like crazy!
Pallet Planter #3. Planted with French
Breakfast radishes on 4/25.