Garden Update #13

We're a little over a week into July now, and the garden is bursting at the seams! Glancing back at update #12, it's amazing to see how much everything has grown. With so much to see, you won't want to miss out on this garden update!


Working your way from right to left in the garden, you'll immediately notice the jungle of tomato plants towering in the corner. They're getting huge, and as three of the four are indeterminate, they'll just keep getting larger!

San Marzano and Zapotec Heirloom Tomato Plants.
Heinz Heirloom Tomato plant. 
San Marzano Tomato. 
Heinz Heirloom tomato. (First one to appear in the garden!)
Continuing on past the tomatoes, the next edible plants that you'll run into are the Mouse Melon vines. These vigorous vines have grown like mad and keep producing many flowers. Sadly, there are still no pollinated fruits to be had!

Mouse Melon vines. 
Female Mexican Sour Gherkin (aka mouse melon) flower. At the time,
 no male flowers were open to allow pollination. 
After the Mouse Melon vines comes the pepper plants! There's a bunch of peppers already starting to develop, and only more to come!

O'Dham Indian Heirloom Chili Plants. 
Fatalii Chili Plants. 
Purple Beauty Bell Pepper. 
Chili peppers on an O'Dham Indian Heirloom Chili Plant. 
In the pictures above, you can catch some glimpses of the carrots that were harvested today! I was hoping for at least one purple carrot, but all I mainly got was white. It's a bummer, but still better than nothing! I'll leave off with some photos of the carrot harvest. Keep visiting back to see more from the garden!

Kaleidoscope Mix of Carrots.