Garden Update #14

The garden has been continually growing, but the updates have seemingly stopped flowing! For this, I must apologize. I suppose it's been quite a hectic summer! Anyways, I'd like to catch you all up to date on how the garden has been doing. Without further ado, here's the Patio of Pots Update #14:


Glancing back to Update #13, the garden now looks like a jungle in comparison! It has become pretty hard to photograph due to the fact that everything has kind of melded together.

These two pictures show just how dense the mass of foliage
growing on the patio really is. Even I couldn't have imagined how thick it would become!

Above and to the right are a few tomatoes from the Zapotec ribbed heirloom plant. These tomatoes are by far my favorite to watch grow!

The two photos directly below are of the San Marzano Heirloom tomatoes. While I've had to deal with a bit of blossom end rot on this plant, it is still by far the most productive! I should be harvesting quite a few tomatoes from this plant.

Last but not least is the Heinz Heirloom tomato plant. This small plant gets lost in the jungle, but is producing a bunch of round tomatoes left and right!

In the picture above, one of the O'Dham Indian Heirloom Chili plants can be seen. These wild-type plants are producing loads of small peppers! When ripe, they'll turn red.

To the right is the chili harvest that I'm looking forward to the most. Fatalii Chilies! These very hot peppers will turn yellow when ripe.

Below is the first bell pepper on the Purple Beauty plant. Whereas the other pepper plants responded well throughout the summer heat, this plant was rather sluggish, producing no blooms. Now that the weather is cooling off, this bell pepper plant is now thriving and even started producing a few baby peppers!

The last of the major edible crops growing are the Mexican Sour Gherkins! From my last update, I installed an extension to the existing trellis. As you can see in the photo below, these vigorous vines easily filled the addition quickly!

Besides growing quickly, the harvest has already been quite bountiful! In one sitting, I was able to pluck more than forty of these tiny fruits.

Do they taste as good as they look? Well, yes! Though they look like little watermelons, these gherkins taste more closely to that of a tangy cucumber.