Garden Update #15

Harvest time for the summer crops is now underway! Having watched the garden grow all this summer, it's a bittersweet feeling to see all the fruits of my labor. Exciting in the fact that there's so much to be picked from the garden, but also sad because it'll all be over soon with the onset of autumn. Putting the imminent cooler weather aside for now, here's the 15th update for the Patio of Pots garden!


In the photo above: From left to right: O'Dham Pequin Peppers, Fatalii Chili, 
Mouse Melons & Heinz Heirloom Tomatoes.

With fruiting coming to a cease and the leaves dying back,
the Mouse Melon vines were starting to become a disease vector. They were
removed from the garden today. 

This was one of the last harvests from the Mouse Melon vines. These were pulled
from the plant about two days before the vines were cut down. 

In this photo, the O'Dham Heirloom peppers and a ripe Fatalii Chili can be seen. 

The San Marzano tomatoes are starting to ripen and should be ready for picking very soon!

The Zapotec Ribbed Heirloom tomatoes are also doing very well and growing quite large!
None have ripened so far though.

The Purple Beauty Bell pepper plant is very unique in the way that the fruit comes out green and
then quickly turns purple. The purple fruits can probably be harvested at any time, but I'm going to
wait for them to get a bit larger. 

Above is the garden before the Mouse Melons were removed, and below shows the garden
without them. 

Tune back in soon for more harvest updates!