Container Garden Update #1

Alright, it's finally Friday! Whew, has it been busy lately or what? At the end of a crazy week, it's always nice to sit back and have a look at some garden pictures. So, without further ado, here's the most recent photos of the beginnings to my Patio of Pots:

Top Left: Flowering Kale. Top Right: Garlic Sprouts. On the wooden stand from
back to front: Yellow Rock Onions, Lime Mint, Orange Mint, Broccoli Raab
and Lemon Balm.

Closeup of life from the Lemon Balm. 

It's only a couple photos, but where's the suspense when the whole patio is shown at once? Plus, the garden is still in its "chick" stage, as I like to call it. It's small now, but like the fast growing chick, it'll soon be a large and productive hen!

Current Garden Specifics - 

  • Available Sunlight : Strong indirect from 1pm-3:30pm, Full Sun from 3:30pm - Sunset (7:30pm)
  • Weekly Weather : Freeze early in the week. Followed by daily highs averaging 67°F and lows averaging 39°F. 
  • Current Plantings : Flowering Kale, Garlic, Yellow Rock Onions, Lime Mint, Orange Mint, Lemon Balm and Broccoli Raab (currently hardening off). 
Plans for the Weekend - 
  • Finalize and finish planter stands. 
  • Setup grow beds for cole crops and radishes.
  • Prepare container for carrots.
Take care and enjoy the spring weather!