Container Garden Update #2

It's been a tough April so far. The old saying, "April showers bring May flowers", is in full gear. While the moisture is welcomed, the wind, cloud cover, and drastic temperature swings leave one with much to be desired. Here's another full garden update in photos:

Finished up the second planter stand this week! 
Lime Mint and Garlic Sprouts. The effects
of strong gusts from the wind are evident.
The young Broccoli Raab plants have been the hardest
hit by the wind. They've suffered broken leaves, and
have spent much of the 4/13 weekend indoors.

The onions are still just coming up, so they're doing
just fine! At least one crop hasn't had the wind tear
though it. 
It's really not much more than the last update. The weather has been pretty unforgiving, and with the late afternoon cloud cover, available sunlight has not been sufficient for new plantings. On positive note, I've got a ton of lettuce and carrot seeds that are sprouting indoors! Pending the weather, look for them in this coming week.

Current Garden Specifics - 
  • Available Sunlight -  Strong indirect from 1pm-3:20pm, Full Sun from 3:20pm - Sunset (7:40pm). ***Due to afternoon cloud cover this last week, there were many occasions where the garden received only a couple hours of filtered sunlight. A rather poor week for Photosynthesis!
  • Weekly Weather - Mild early in the week, shifting to cloud cover, wind and rain later into the weekend. Highs averaging 64°F, with lows averaging 37°F. Close to freeze #2, but only came down to 34°F.
  • Current Planting - No new changes. Carrots, lettuce & leeks on the way!