Container Garden Update #3

Contrary to my last update, the weather lately has been great. Nice full sun in the afternoon and temperatures climbing into the eighties. Not bad at all. So, it's time to enjoy some sunny photos before another round of showers moves in.

The mints have been growing great! We've been taking full advantage of this early herb. There
are a couple additions to the garden; a yellow onion that sprouted from a produce bag and the catnip
I've been growing inside for cat. (She's been enjoying her mint too :)

Life was looking up this week for the battered broccoli raab plants. These poor fellas have
endured an exceptionally gusty spring.
The onions have gotten off to a nice start with the change to some warmer weather.
Wind or no wind, onions will grow. They've been a pleasure thus far.

Terrible shot. Oh well, at
least you can see the cabbage, swiss chard and beet seed coming up!
There will be more on these soon. . .

Ah, the first bit of blanching! I've been rather surprised by the quick regrowth
of the store bought leeks. 

  • Available Sunlight - Strong Indirect from 1pm - 3pm. Full sun 3pm - 7:50pm. 
  • Weekly Weather - Cooler early in the week (4/16), moving to warmer weather reaching 86°F yesterday! Highs come in with a nine day average of 71°, with lows steady at 44°.
  • Current Planting - Flowering Kale, Yellow Rock Onions, Garlic, Swiss chard, Bull's Blood Beets, assorted Cabbage, Little Gem Romaine Lettuce, Broccoli Raab, Leeks, Orange Mint, Lime Mint, Lemon Balm and Catnip.