Garden Update #10

Last week, I was almost completely sure that there were no more planters to be added to the mix, but as a gardener, plant collecting never ceases! Well, that is until you find yourself completely out of usable space. Though I'd always be down to have a few more plants to grow, the limited space of our four by eight foot patio just won't permit anymore. So, without further ado, here's a photographic look at the finalized Patio of Pots Container Garden:

I had to climb up on the railing of the staircase to snap this picture! You can clearly see the extent of how
packed our patio really is. 
Here's a shot from the door facing outwards!
Bull's Blood beets and Kaleidoscope Mix of carrots.
I absolutely love the foliage of the beets! With a touch of  carrot leaf in the photo, this
turned out to be one cool pic!
The radish planter is absolutely bursting with growth! This photo was taken
just before I harvested the first radish crop!
While not the greatest angle, here's a look at the Alaskan Early shelling peas. They've
grown quite a bit in the recent days, and I even think that there's a few flowers on the way!
The tomatoes have been caged and the total count stands at three. While I only planned on growing two tomatoes, I ended up taking on one more. There are two Zapotec Ribbed Heirloom Tomato plants and one San Marzano Roma. 
Who wants tomatoes without basil right? In this planter, there's four Sweet Basil plants and one Fern Leaf Dill.
Moving right along to the floral side of the garden, you can see  Purple ASTI© Daisies and Goodwin Creek Grey lavender. Both of these plants were purchased at a nursery and were locally grown in Arvada, CO. 
I didn't realize I captured a cat hair as well until I got to uploading!
One of the newest additions, Goodwin Creek Lavender.
In the bottom right corner, part of the bonsai-style olive tree can be seen. The Kangaroo
Paw is the main flower in this photo. 
Although the Kangaroo Paw is native to New Zealand, I'm sure that it will do great in the
arid climate of Colorado. This plant instantly became a favorite.
White ASTI© Daisies. 
In my older updates, I was getting pretty good with keeping track of the weather and current plantings, but with all the work that needed to be accomplished this month, I slipped up a little. Don't worry though, I'll catch you up!

Observed Weather - 

May 1 - 7
  • Average High - 57.1°F
  • Average Low - 30.4°F
May 8 - 15
  • Average High - 73.9°F
  • Average Low - 48.5°F
May 16 - 23
  • Average High - 72.3°F
  • Average Low - 47.1°F
May 24 - 27
  • Average High - 84.0°F
  • Average Low - 54.5°F
Current Planting - 
  • Vegetables: Bull's Blood Beets, Kaleidoscope Mix Carrots, French Breakfast Radishes, and five heads of an unknown variety of Garlic. 
  • Fruits - San Marzano Roma Tomatoes, Zapotec Ribbed Heirloom Beefsteak Tomatoes, Peter Peppers, Mexican Sour Gherkins, and strawberries. 
  • Herbs - Sweet Basil, Lemon Balm, Goodwin Creek Lavender, Fern Leaf Dill, and Common Sage. 
  • Flowers - White and Purple ASTI© Daisies, Kangaroo Paw, Snapdragons and a couple different miscellaneous annuals. 
  • Still to Come - Fatalii Chili Peppers, Purple Beauty Bell Peppers, O'Dham Indian Heirloom Chili Peppers, and Heirloom German Cabbage. (Once the radishes, beets and carrots finish, these will be rotated into the garden.)