Garden Update #9

 Well, it's finally here! That's right, the big debut for the Patio of Pots container garden! Over the last couple weeks I've been working quite hard on finishing planters, hardening off indoor grown plants, and finalizing the garden design. I've had to sacrifice the frequency of my blog entries, but I'd say the work was well worth it. I'll let you be the judge of that though!

Planter #1 - Beets & Carrots
  • The Bull's Blood beets and Kaleidoscope Mix of carrots are really starting to grow quickly now. With the beets taking roughly 50-60 days to grow, I'd say they're getting fairly close to harvesting. The carrots should be soon to follow as well. It's still very much up for grabs as to what will be planted next after they're harvested, but I'm leaning more and more towards my original plan of three heirloom cabbage heads!

Planter #2 - Alaska Early Peas & Mouse Melons
  • The peas have started to climb their trellis with vigor, but the overall up and down weather they've endured may have taken it's toll. Early in the season, the peas were subjected to temperatures as low as 19°F, and as of late, temperatures have soared into the mid 80's. Not exactly pea growing weather, but I'm still giving them a chance! 
  • Since I'm a bit unsure if I'll get a pea crop or not, I did end up thinning the middle row of pea plants in order to allow the Mouse Melons (Mexican Sour Gherkins) to gain a head start. There's three of these plants that will continue growing once the peas are gone. 
Planter #3 - French Breakfast Radishes
  • It's almost time for harvesting the radishes I've planted as well! The little radish seedlings began sprouting at the beginning of this month and are now very leafy! From inspecting the tops of the roots, I'd say they'll be ready for harvesting within a week or two. 

Planter #4 - Zapotec Ribbed Heirloom Tomatoes & Peter Peppers
  • This planter is the latest addition, and was planted with tomatoes and peppers that I've grown indoors since late March. The planter was constructed with old untreated fence posts and cost only five dollars to construct! Not bad at all considering that it's three feet long, seven inches wide, thirteen inches deep, and on wheels!
The Flower Corner - 
  • Personally, I never planned to grow as many flowers as we've collected, but whatever is good for the lady of the house, is good for us all! Ha. Actually, to be honest, I've grown quite fond of the contrast in colors and foliage! It's pretty cool. Here's a list of the plants growing: Lemon Balm, Snapdragons, Basil, Garlic, Dill, Kangaroo Paw, Olive Tree, Asti Daisies, Sage, and Strawberries. Oh, and the little wooden stand they're perched on was also constructed from salvaged fence posts!

So, there it is! The Patio of Pots Container Garden! I hope that you'll continue to check back in throughout the summer season to watch the garden grow.