Garden Update #8

Almost half way through May, the planting date of summer crops is now very near. I've been plenty busy readying the tomatoes, peppers and some herbs for outdoor planting. With much more work to do and planters to build, I'm going to keep this entry short and sweet. I'll post an update very soon with the debut of the complete garden!

The carrots and beets are coming along!

Since thinning, the radishes have really taken off! They should be ready for harvesting in the next couple weeks.

While thinning, I found a pretty cool radish seedling. Though I'm sure it happens from time to time, this one particular seedling has three cotyledons instead of the normal two! Out of the 56 radishes growing, this was the only one to exhibit the trait. Pretty cool.

On the left is a normal radish seeding with two cotyledons (seed leaves). 
To the right is the one seedling exhibiting three cotyledons.