Garden Update #7

Did the snow ever come? Why yes, it sure did! Shortly after I posted update #6 the clouds started rolling in and the temperature dropped steadily. So, I packed up the garden and once again, brought almost everything inside. What remained outside was covered well, as the evening of the 30th continuing all day the first of May, the Patio of Pots garden was hit with another six inches of snow. It's great for our state's snowpack, but not so great for garden pictures. Luckily, all you have to wait here in Colorado is a day or two before the weather has made a complete rebound. Here's some pictures from around the garden on this fine first weekend of May!

Observed Weather - (April 26-May 4)
  • Average High - 61.0°F
  • Average Low - 35.1°F

Pallet Planter #1 -  
The beets and carrots growing in planter #1 are doing well. Most of the seedlings have grown their first set of true leaves and are now onto their second. This being my first time growing the Bull's Blood variety of beets, I'm excited to see the foliage colors as they grow larger! 

Pallet Planter #2 - 
By the dozens, radish seedlings are sprouting in this planter! Thinning will be done sometime later this week. 

Pallet Planter #3 - 
Up until this last snow, the Alaskan Early shelling peas in this planter were making great headway. Though they were covered and protected from the snow, the freezing 19°F night of May 2nd slowed them down a bit. It'll be nice to see them bounce back with warmer weather ahead. 

Flower Planter #1 - 
Last update I showed a couple pictures of the first flower planter. Now, I'm not exactly big on flowers myself, but if there's a lady in the house, flowers are bound to be around. In this miniature container, we've planted a mix of snapdragons and a lemon balm plant shopped from a local nursery. It actually brings a nice bit of color, and still maintains edible functionality with the lemon balm.